Patricia Nicholson

Dancer, Improviser, Poet, Choreographer, Organizer


"Past the Sisters of Mercillessness"

A bright glimmer

ing hope

a whisper

seeking sound

seeking tone

a way


listless and sorrow

the sisters of mercilessness

to full on

walking the line

between abyss

where all that is shiny

but nothing glimmers

and hope like infinite joy

like holding to



all this glimmers

not shiny



"In Color"

I love green I love trees because they sing life

and hope the way they keep reaching up and around I love blue of the sky with the trees green and brown leaning up against all that blue

And white and endless sky and endless truth

Burying roots deep red in the brown black earth/ground

I love the way red stands out in a green field like something special like Something that we will discover together someday

That it will speak to us about hope and a thousand and one flowerings across a million and one rainbows

And I love yellow because it is like butter or like pieces of the sun falling down to earth and coloring my cup with cream–

I love black - birds hair skin earth midnight skies

strong and startling holding/carrying the mysteries of the universe

I love the birds each with their own colors and songs that speak their eternal soaring &swimming mystery - then carry across the great expanse

color into a rosy smile


I love the lake with its watery dance a silent mystery until you become a part of it

and I love the way that it always takes care of the life that it holds - without constraints

and that it forever searches the sky and sees itself – with no difference only perspective


I am in a dance of sights and sounds and shapes and colors that cling and swirl and move between or through the ephemeral and eternal with equal equanimity

I am a leaf fluttering between earth and sky

"A Myth of My Brother"

Galloping forward

Teeth to the wind

Laughing at death

Crying with hope

He    We left in a desolation of solitude

Johnny laughed in the face of challenge

(we loved that about him)

Johnny strode forward

And gathered in his arms all that he saw

Leaving love and hope in his wake

He strode across deserts and they were thankful

And bore fruited trees

The ocean was his friend

The waves were soothed by his presence amidst them

He saw the mountains and the mountains smiled back

The rivers and streams vied for the chance to wash his feet

And the fish leapt to feed him


Tearing away the disguise to Let what is Blue Be

no more passing 

For normal 

It just don’t work now    and never did

Let us stretch out our souls

Let me touch your heart and the sky 

At the same time

Making the connection