Patricia Nicholson

Dancer, Improviser, Poet, Choreographer, Organizer


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in 2017 with William Parker and guests, Performed in Ottawa and Chicago.

"Hope Cries For Justice" combines music, words and dance to create a dialogue between participating artists and audiences that opens the mind to envisioning our role in the world as creative beings that can make a difference. By embracing creativity we find our strength and can reclaim hope in a difficult time.

Studies In Freedom

began in 2013 with William Parker and guests, Performed in Montreal, Ottawa and Washington DC, Detroit etc.

"Studies in Freedom" combines music, words and dance to tell a story of the collective heart yearning for Freedom. It expresses our greatest visions, our desire to attain what is best not only for ourselves, but for all. We speak in the language of physical gesture and the motion of energy as music and as dance. We use words that escape from our souls to speak of our hearts.


Revolution Resurrection

with musicians Jason Kao Hwang, Michael TA Thompson, and dancer Jason Jordan and artist William Mazza

@Vision Festival 20 at Judson Memorial Church on Saturday, July, 2015

Resurrection Revolution

@ Roulette Live Painting by Bill Mazza

Songs of Peace from the Village, from the City, from the Belly of the Beast


direction and choreography by Patricia Nicholson, videography by Maria Rozhkova

@ Residency in Nicola-Lenivetz, Russia, 2012