Patricia Nicholson

Dancer, Improviser, Poet, Choreographer, Organizer

Past Performances

  • friday, january 12, new york, NY @Clemente Soto Velez

Revolution Resurrection

Patricia Nicholson - dance, poetry
Jason Jordan - dance
Jason Kao Hwang - violin
Bill Mazza - visual art projections
TA Thompson - drums

  • Tuesday, January 2, 2018, new york, NY @ The Clemente 

Melanie Dyer's baraka project

Melanie Dyer - viola
Gwen Laster - violin
Patricia Nicholson - dance


  • thursday, December 21, Washington DC @ Rhizome

with Luke Stewart

  • tuesday, December 19, new york, NY @ National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Panel discussion with William Parker

  • Monday, December 18, new york, NY @ The Clemente

First three hands

Andrea Wolper - voice
Patricia Nicholson - dance
TA Thompson - percussion

  • saturday, November 11, 2017, Baltimore, MD @An die musik

Patricia Parker - Dance, text
Jason Hwang - violin  
TA Thompson - Drums
Bill Mazza - live art projections

  • Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Marseille, France

      workshop w/ Simon SIEGER

Patricia Nicholson Parker and Simon Sieger (Piano & snorkel) offer musicians and dancers an experience of collective improvisation where everyone expresses one's uniqueness in its ability to be in the moment. 

  • monday, October 9, 2017, New york, NY @Raza y resistencia

William Parker - bass
Cooper-Moore - piano
Rob Brown - alto sax
Fay Victor - voice
Jason Kao Hwang - violin
Melanie Dyer - viola
Michael Wimberly - percussion

Coming up

  • Hope cries for justice tour

Patricia Nicholson / william parker

Patricia Nicholson, founder of Arts for Art and Vision Festival, and William Parker, musician, composer and author are preparing to bring their art and ideas on a Road Trip this summer in a special project to rescue hope and talk about what is troubling us.

William Parker and Patricia Nicholson make music, dance, poetry, as it comes through them, in order to uplift encourage and inspire so that we all can enter the realm of our higher selves.  The ultimate goal of the art is for all who listen to it be filled with compassion.

The Project will have three parts:

1. A duo performance by William Parker (music) & Patricia Nicholson (dance, text) called Hope Cries for Justice

2. A performance collaboration with local artists Hope Cries for Justice Part II

3. Open forum with artists and audience on the role of art in creating change


dates in spring 2018 tba