Patricia Nicholson

Dancer, Improviser, Poet, Choreographer, Organizer



  • Patricia Nicholson - dance

  • Joëlle Léandre - bass

  • Nicole Mitchell - flute

  • Melanie Dyer - viola



We 4 are Women standing strong in the Light of the Creative Spirit--passing through. We cannot stand silent in a Time of assault on Humanity, the Earth, on our brothers and sisters, on the Truth. We will never accept the lies, the pettiness, the greed, the virulent racism or sexism as normal. We live our art in open rebellion against the Big Lie. Our weapon is In-Spirit-Art.

The phenomenal combination of flautist Nicole Mitchell, bassist Joëlle Léandre and violinist Melanie Dyer came together with the dance and voice of Patricia Nicholson under the banner Women With An Axe To Grind. They specialized in astonishingly quicksilver seat-of-the-pants exhortation, both guided by and steering Nicholson's movement. There were some tremendous exchanges as Léandre's jagged arco constructs jostled with Mitchell's percolating vocalized flute and Dyer's soaring violin. They all contributed to the theatrical aspect too, with Léandre echoing some of Nicholson's politically-steeped phrases and rounds of harsh sighs fizzing around the stage, in a set which prompted a standing ovation.John Sharpe, All About Jazz


  • May 24, 2018 @ Vision Festival at Roulette